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The AuCom EMX3 introduces a new generation in soft start technology: XLR-8, Adaptive Acceleration Control. XLR-8 offers an unprecedented level of control over motor’s acceleration and deceleration profiles. Using XLR-8, the soft starter learns the motor’s performance during start and stop, then adjusts control to optimise performance.

The AuCom EMX3 soft starter is smart, dependable and easy to use. New design features make the AuCom EMX3 the perfect solution for quick set-up or more customised control.

Easy to use
While soft starters are becoming increasingly feature-rich, AuCom has taken steps to ensure that commissioning, operation and fault finding are still quick and easy. Quick setup mode gets machinery running in next to no time, and informative screens give real-time feedback on motor performance.

The AuCom EMX3 soft starter has been designed for maximum flexibility in a wide range of applications. Whether you need to integrate into a network or respond to external signalling equipment, need reliable protection for your motor or just need a compact, versatile and cost-effective motor starting solution, the AuCom EMX3 offers the features you need in a product you can trust.

Supply voltages and power range
  – 3 x 200V – 440V        ???kW – ???kW
  – 3 x 380V – 600V        ???kW – ???kW    (Inside delta connection)
  – 3 x 380V – 690V        ???kW – ???kW    (In-line connection)

Common applications
  – Pumping
  – Compressors
  – Bandsaws
  – Irrigators

Features and benefits
– Compact size
– Essential motor protection
– Communications (DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet)
– Finger guards
– I/O expansion

Available AuCom EMX3 stock in New Zealand
Updated: May 04, 2020

Available AuCom EMX3 accessories in New Zealand
Updated: May 04, 2020
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