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AuCom EMX4
Soft Starter

Like its predecessor, the EMX4 Soft Starter sets new standards for soft start technology. The EMX4 is not only smaller, more powerful and packed with new control and protection features, it also introduces the game-changing Smart Card capability. Fitting a Smart Card to the EMX4 transforms it from super smart motor controller to complete system controller. This is truly a starter for the future.

The EMX4 includes starter, motor and system protection functions, complete with alarms to alert you to any potential issues. In the event that the worst does happen, Power Through and Emergency Run functions give you the power to choose to keep running.

Easy to use
Smart does not have to mean complex. While the EMX4 offers more functionality than ever before, it has been designed to make your life easier. By enhancing the display and connectivity functions, and making them intuitive, it is easier to access the right information when you need it, enhancing your overall efficiency.

Start Smart
The EMX4 Smart Card redefines the role of a soft starter. With the appropriate Smart Card installed the EMX4 is able to operate as an entire system controller. Smart Cards deliver industry or application specific functionality and are easily inserted into the EMX4, simplifying system design, installation and set-up.

Supply voltages and power range
  – 3 x 200V – 525V        ???kW – ???kW
  – 3 x 380V – 600V        ???kW – ???kW

Common applications
  – Pumping
  – Conveyors
  – Irrigators

Features and benefits
– Compact size
– Essential motor protection
– Communications (DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus, ProfiNET or Ethernet)
– Finger guards
– I/O expansion
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